Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Cracking Hotfile Accounts [Mr.MindfReak]

1st download teh Hotfile AIO Cracker v1.0
Virus scan if ya paranoid:

This is a simple cracker to use and you do not even need to deal wit using proxies, and there is 2 ways to go about this

1. Load a list of usernames before anything, most common words are registered usernames, but if your lazy here's a list of usernames you can use

2. Now for passwords you can either
A - load a small password list of around 50-100 passwords (you don't need anymore then this as most hotfiles have very weak common passwords)
B - You can set the cracker to do username as the password (a lot of hotfile accounts have their password as their username) this is in the Extra Options tab

3. Set the sockets to 30, and the timeout to 9000.

4. Hit start and your good to go. Cracked accounts will start showing up as they are hit. I have selected the option to run the username as the password in this screen shot and cracked quite a few accounts in the 1st minute
[Image: hotfile.jpg]

Now the only thing is checking every account to see if they are premium or not. If you want just crack premium accounts, you can select the option but you will need proxies for this. The nice thing is that the cracker has a built in proxy checker so it will check and save the good proxies for you.
Here's some proxies if you want to run it with em.
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